About Me

Manprit K. Gill can often be found creating make-belief stories with her children if she is not writing stories of her own. By day, you can find her in the classroom as a high school English teacher, a career spanning over 10 years. Manprit is often inspired by her students’ imagination, reminding her that she should “soar above the clouds” and “dream beyond the sky” too. Since Manprit often teaches literature studies and creative writing, publishing a piece of writing was always on her bucket list, and eventually, with My First Airplane Adventure, it became a reality. 

My Journey

Growing up,  I loved to write. I've written short stories, poetry,  and even a screenplay!  I never published my pieces, but after having children, telling many stories, and desiring to be an inspiration for them, I decided to publish the story, My First Airplane Adventure.  

In May 2019,  we took our little one on her very first airplane adventure. We strapped ourselves into our car and were on our way to the airport. I distinctly remember her plaid pants,  her shirt with her favourite mouse character, and pigtails in her hair. She didn't know where we were headed, but she knew she was "going on a plane--up, up in the sky."  I imagined if she could tell the story of her very first airplane adventure, what would it be? 

At that moment, I decided to document her journey, a child's journey, to the airport and ultimately, her very first airplane adventure.

Fast forward to February, 2023, I realized that it was time to start the self-publishing journey.

Join My Adventure

Although the children’s book is titled, My First Airplane Adventure, it is a metaphor for anyone’s first adventure in life. Have your destination in mind, enjoy the journey, no matter how long it takes to get there. 

There will be many steps to take and sights to see, as I have experienced on this adventure of my own  with my first children’s book adventure. 

So, will you join me on this adventure? 

Yes, you are so important on this adventure. 

With your support, whether it's through sharing, purchasing, or words of encouragement, I will continue to write many more chapters of my own adventure.

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